Friday, March 30, 2012

2 Weeks!

 Yesterday was 2 weeks that the kids have been home.  It's been wonderful, exhausting, full of laughter, tears, hard, and most of all....WONDERFUL.

I didn't realize how hard it would be for a 6 year old to ride a bike for the first time.  Christy was hilarious.  She's got a very loud, low, raspy voice.  She kept yelling, "Leave me! Leave me! I know what I'm doing! DOn't leave me! You are leaving me! Help me!  I am tired!  Leave me! Don't touch! I can do it by myself!".   I was dying!  She did finally get the hang of it and really likes it.  

The kids all love each other.   They also fight hard.   You would think they been together forever.   

Yesterday I told Christy to brush her teeth.  She told me she did "yestadee".   I said you have to brush your teeth every. day.   "Oh mom!  I will be so Ti-yad".   LOL.   

Moses repeats everything in his cute little high pitched voice.   So, the kids are always trying to get him to say potty talk.  "moses say poop.   say pee pee.  say booger".   Today he has had some diarrhea.  So, of course Ethan says, "Say diarrhea".   He said it perfectly...better than any other word he's said.  

I'm having fun playing with Christy's hair.   IT's a bit overwhelming and I have a lot to learn, but, today I finally felt like I knew her hair a little better and knew that I can do this with time. 

I wish I could right down every funny moment around here.  It's constant.  

I'm still trying to figure out how my husband is going to sleep during the day without us leaving everyday (Which is wearing me out), plus get laundry done.  I've already resigned that my house will not be clean for a long time.  Also...wondering how we'll do school.  I'm not a routine person.  I really struggle with that.  But, I know that I've got to get into some kind of routine now.   

Well, here are some pics and video from the last week.

This is me just trying to get one shot of all the kids together.  yeah, right.

Braiding her doll's hair.  This doll was actually given to me by my grandmother when I was young.

This is my view most of the time...which I don't mind at all.

They dug a hole, covered it with sticks, adn then leaves to make a trap :)


Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

I love the pic of Moses hugging your legs. So sweet! Love you Steph!

The Mrs. said...

Hi Bowling Family!
I received your blog address from another Ghana adoptive mom.
My family also adopted from the same children's home in Ghana.
Our son Isaac came home in July 2011 and I see from your blog that your precious children JUST CAME HOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
I would love to have contact with you if you are comfortable with that.
Are you on Face Book? You can either friend request me on Face Book "Agnes Flanagan Lawler" or you can email me @

I'd love to hear from you!

Aggie Lawler