Friday, April 30, 2010

Jr. Rangerland

We headed up to Cades Cove on Wednesday for the first time since it was re-opened. We had a good time driving around. We went to the visitor center to get our Jr. Ranger workbooks and a schedule of the programs. We're excited about doing that again this summer. While there, we found Jr. Rangerland....a spinoff of candyland. We took it up to the picinic area and played it while eating lunch. It's great for teaching them about wildlife in the park. The boys also played pirates on "their island".

Monday, April 26, 2010


Tonight I was a little stressed out and just ready for the boys to go to bed. I hate when I wish away time with them like that. They are growing up so fast and sometimes I feel like I miss precious moments with them because of my selfishness. I'm just thankful for God's grace and pray everyday for His wisdom as a mother.

I'm so thankful for these little guys. They bring so much laughter to our lives. Just a couple examples from today. When Ethan was asked if he thought aunt Jess was having a boy or a girl, he said, "I think she's having fourthlets".

Every night I take Luke to the bathroom before I go to bed and Chad gets him up before he leaves for work. Well, tonight, I got him up and sat him on the toilet and he starts to sing bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow to the tune of jingle bells in his sleep. I don't know what it is about that song, but, ever since Christmas he sings it EVERY DAY! The only thing is that he never sings the words, except if it's Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, etc. He sings it every where we go and he gets louder and louder as he sings it.

I know those are just silly little things....but, my days are filled with joy and goodness from God that I constantly take for granted. I pray that I will be more aware of His gifts to us in the silly little things.

God is so good and I'm so unworthy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We had some great time with our wonderful friends yesterday. The boys had fun pretending to be indians and starting fires with sticks and rocks.


I was blessed with a wonderful, godly grandmother. She is a huge part of the reason that I am who I am today. Her and my grandfather took me to church from the time I was a baby and invested a lot into my life. As I am raising my own kids now, I'm more aware of what huge blessing that spiritual heritage is. "Gramma" is actually my step-grandmother. But, the bond we have is much stronger than blood. She's such a special person and she IS my gramma and my boys' great gramma Lorna. We got to go to Florida in February to visit them. She is known to save EVERYTHING....literally. :o) I hope that one day we will have another child...maybe a girl...either biologically or through adoption....or both (if it were up to me :o)) So, I asked her if she had any old pillowcases that I could have so I could one day, if I ever had a girl, I could make her a dress out of it. I was in awe as she pulled out pillowcases that her mother used to make for missionaries. There were also a couple that she had embroidered when she was a young girl. I was so excited! So, my niece turns 7 this week and I have made her a dress out of one of them. My sewing skills are desperately lacking, but, how many girls have a dress from their great great gramma's pillowcase?

My great gramma, Anna, crocheted the border on these....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving Spring!

My boys absolutely love being outside rain or shine! They have these awesome rain suits from mamaw for when it rains. :o)

Today was our first day of playing in the water. They had blast!

After finishing up all of our other school stuff today, we had art outside. They each painted on a canvas that I'd like to put in their room.

One of our favorite things about this new house is the screened in porch! The boys play, do school and eat out there whenever possible.

Today we did legos.....

and played with play-do.

Sweet Pea enjoys it too...she sits on her chair and watches the boys or the cars and squirrels. :o)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Activity and Getting Back Into School

We just sold our house a couple of weeks ago and moving has been so exhausting. I still can't find things when I need them and there is still a mountain of boxes in the garage to sort through. But, I am so thankful for the garage...I can't imagine not having it until we can get unpacked. Our plan for right now is to be completely debt free and then start saving for some property or a house. In the meantime, the boys are loving being able to ride bikes at the house and playing with the neighbor kids. It's been great!

We've finally gotten back into the groove of school. It's been nice to get back to our routine.

Ethan's loving piano...he picks things up really quickly.

Luke loves doing school. I just got some of the Kumon he's doing the cutting one...he LOVES it!

For a springtime activity we made these cute little sheep. They were made from milano cookies, melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows. Then, you use M and M's for the feet and chocolate chips for the eyes. They had so much fun making them and then giving them away.

Resurrection Day

We had a great day at church on Sunday and then dinner with one family...then hung out outside with some other family. It was a beautiful day and the boys looked spiffy in their matching outfits. I love making them match right now...I know there will soon come a day when it just won't be right...but, until then, I'll do it while I can.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Field Trip ~ Heritage Center Townsend, TN

The boys and I went on our first field trip with BHEA last week. It was at the Heritage Center in Townsend. We always talk about going there but never really knew what was there. It was really neat. They have moved some old cabins and other buildings from the area there so that you can walk around. They also have live demonstrations given by volunteers....we got to see how early settlers made corn bread in their fireplaces, some toys that kids used to play with, and see an exhibit about the Cherokee. They have a lot of artifacts from the dig that was done along 321. We will definitely visit again.