Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Activity and Getting Back Into School

We just sold our house a couple of weeks ago and moving has been so exhausting. I still can't find things when I need them and there is still a mountain of boxes in the garage to sort through. But, I am so thankful for the garage...I can't imagine not having it until we can get unpacked. Our plan for right now is to be completely debt free and then start saving for some property or a house. In the meantime, the boys are loving being able to ride bikes at the house and playing with the neighbor kids. It's been great!

We've finally gotten back into the groove of school. It's been nice to get back to our routine.

Ethan's loving piano...he picks things up really quickly.

Luke loves doing school. I just got some of the Kumon workbooks...here he's doing the cutting one...he LOVES it!

For a springtime activity we made these cute little sheep. They were made from milano cookies, melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows. Then, you use M and M's for the feet and chocolate chips for the eyes. They had so much fun making them and then giving them away.

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