Saturday, November 1, 2014

Buggy Buffet

On Thursday we headed to Knoxville and spent the entire day downtown.  We started out at the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's Young People's Concert.  It was amazing, as usual.  This year was even more special because they had a West African dance team from a local high school.   Our kids were so excited!   After that, we headed over to the Museum of Art.   They have a new kid's section with a giant Lite Brite.  They could have played with that all day. 

The last thing on the agenda was the Buggy Buffet at the Entomology Dept. at UT.   This was our first time going.   It was very....interesting.   I am not ashamed to say that I did not try a single thing.   My kids, however, shocked me!   They all tried a lot of stuff.   I think Ethan ate everything that was gluten-free...and probably some stuff that wasn't.   The rest of the kids all ate several different bugs.   On the buffet they had weevil soup, cricket loaf, chocolate crickets, mealworm crackers, cricket muffins, ants on a log, and much more.  

Besides the food, there was so much cool stuff for the kids to check out and learn.   They had some amazing insects displayed.   They kids were definitely inspired!

Here's a little video of them trying some of the foods:

Ethan also wrote about this over at  the kids' blog.