Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today has been really special.  Chad let me sleep in (best present of all) and he made breakfast for the kids and entertained them.   When I got up I had handmade cards from the kids and a pot of hydrangeas waiting for me.   I've been wanting some hydrangeas for a long time and I'm so excited to finally have some of my own.   Moses and I took a nap...another great gift...and then the kids and I headed over to Water Angels while Chad went to sleep before going into work tonight.   

It was so good to be back at Water Angels.  It's been too long.  Our dear friends, the Beebe's, have been very involved there for years.  The people downtown just love this family.  Today was their last service there for at least 2 years.  They are moving to Ghana as missionaries.  It was so sweet to hear the people stand up and share how they felt about them.  The one that stood out to me most was a young, pregnant woman who shared that it meant a lot to her that they were always there as a family and that Reid sets such a good example for the men.  He shows them how to be a godly husband and father.   

We saw some boys that we had gotten very close to over the last couple of years.  Their father has just gotten out of prison.  We had had thought it would be better when he was finally home again.  Instead, when I excitedly asked if they were happy to have their daddy home, their faces's worse than before.   I just wanted to cry with them.   So many children need families.  Some have families...but they still need Christians who will invest in their lives.   

Tonight we prayed for Christy and Moses' birth mom.   Christy is working on forgiving.   There has been a lot of hurt there for her.   One night I was telling Christy how much I loved her mother because if she hadn't grown in her belly, I would not get to be her mommy.  She got a huge smile on her face.   It's hard.  My heart breaks for her and her mother.  As a mom...I can't imagine being in a situation so desperate that I would have to give my children up.  I can't imagine saying good-bye. I can't imagine nursing these little ones for a whole year, and then separating from them....knowing I'd probably never see them again.   I love her!  I'm so thankful for her.   I see so much of her in our kids.    My heart breaks for these kids.   Even though they have a family now, and we are so happy and blessed....I can't imagine going through what they have.   They are amazing little kids.   I pray for God to mend the brokenness...for their mother to know what a treasure she is to Him.   I am so incredibly blessed.  Way more than I deserve.   I'm thankful.  

This is Christy and Moses' last time seeing their mother and grandparents.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am so sad tonight.  We lost my "ex-brother-in-law".   He was a really great guy.  Our boys loved him.  They still play with the Lincoln Logs that Uncle Justin and Aunt Christy got Ethan for one of his birthdays.   He was a good guy.   My sister sat by him on the bus in high school...every day for a couple of years.  She said he was always such a nice person.   People would pick on him and be mean to him...I imagine he just took it.   Our hearts always broke over some things that he had to endure.   And...they broke as we all watched Christy have to make hard choices because of choices he made.   He's one of those people you think of often and hope that they will turn around and get back on the right track.  Sadly, he didn't.  This week his life ended.   It's heart breaking.  It's a nightmare for someone you cared about to die when you don't know if they ever gave their heart to the Lord.   I lost a young cousin to was this same feeling.   It's gut-wrenching and painful.

When we told Ethan and Luke about Justin, Ethan's first response was, "Did he get saved?".   He prayed for Justin to "know that Jesus died for ALL his sins and for him to know you so he can be with your forever".  I had no idea...even though we've talked about it frankly...that he had such a grasp on eternity.  I pray that before he died he was able to make things right with God.  I pray we will see him again one day.  

I'm praying for God to help me to take advantage of the opportunities He gives me to share His love with the unsaved around me.   I have loved ones and friends that are not serving God.   Why do I not reach out to them more.  I think a lot of times I know that they know the truth...nothing I say is going to make a difference.   I need more of the Holy Spirit so He can speak through me....or nothing that comes out of my mouth will make a difference.   I need to set the example for my can't just pray for people to get saved...we're told to preach the Gospel.   People are perishing all around us.  God give me the urgency you feel to rescue people from an eternity in they can know your love.

Friday, May 11, 2012


This past week was Ethan's last pack meeting for the year.  They had a blast.   We're sad to see the scoutmaster move on to Boy Scouts with his son.   He's so great with the boys...he will really be missed.   

While we were all watching the night unfold, there was some bonding going on :)   Moses gets closer and closer to Chad.   I love watching it.   He says, "My Daddy" all the time.  He wants to show Chad everything and gets excited when Chad wakes up or comes home.   It's very sweet.   It used to be that if I was standing there, he didn't want anyone else, including Chad touching him.  Look at them now....

I've also loved watching "the twins".  Boy can they fight!  But, they've also started developing the cutest relationship.   Now that they can understand each other, they carry on sweet little conversations and enjoy hanging out together.   The other day I couldn't find either one of them...they were hiding together, from all of us!   They were in the woods I found them under the bed waiting for someone to find them.   It's been very sweet.  


Today Christy had to have oral surgery.   I HATE having anything done to my teeth.  I actually have one wisdom tooth left and my dentist has referred me to an oral surgeon because I've let it go for so long...and that was a couple of years ago!  So...when I found out what Christy would have to have done my heart just sank.     She had 4 teeth that were broken off.  3 of those had rotted and broken away and there were only tiny little pieces of tooth that you could still see through the gums.   The roots of those teeth had been infected for a very long time.   Then, she had several very large cavities and he had to fill those and do some work on some of the nerves.   We got to Children's Hospital early this morning and left there around 1 this afternoon.  She was so funny when they gave her the "happy juice".   She was holding onto Chad's head kissing his face.  She would not let go and just kept saying one more, one more.   Then the nurse came to talk to her and she was holding her hand up in the air trying to touch something.  She told the nurse that the fish (stickers on a door across the room) were swimming.    When she woke up after surgery, her whole mouth was numb and she was still out of it.   She slowly put her finger on her bottom lip and then looked at me and said "What is this!!" and then started tryign to pull it off!   She had me dying laughing.   She did really well.   She is already up and I'm having to make her take it easy.  Amazing!

It amazes me that she lived with so much pain in her mouth for so long.   She only complained a couple of times until I started asking her if it hurt...even then her complaining was a "my tooth" every once in a while.   I think of all the kids still in that home and others.  They're living with pain...physical and emotional.  They don't know any different.  They've never had the luxuries we have.  Thinking about it makes me sick of my excuses and apathy.  "I'm sorry your teeth are rotting out of your head and you're in constant pain...I'm sorry you'll never have a mom or dad....It's so sad that you don't have enough food to eat or water to drink...poor thing....doesn't have clothes that fit.....but, it's just too expensive to be your house isn't big enough....we wouldn't be able to afford everything we want....or everything our kids might have a lot of issues...I'm sorry your life is too hard...but, adopting you would just be too uncomfortable."    Uncomfortable.  I don't think I really know what that is.  I can't help but look at each of my kids and think about those without a home...a mom and a dad...basic necessities.  I know it's said all the time...we're not all called to adopt...but, as a christian...we are called to do something.   I'm blown away when I think about how much people helped us with bringing our kids home.  People are so generous.   God was so good and faithful.  And...if we step out to obey Him, he will bless us and provide.   After all...he loves these kids more than we do!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

7 Weeks!

Today marks 7 weeks home.   It's been a big day!

Today was readoption day!  This just means that today our kids became US Citizens and their names were legally changed to the names we chose for them.   

Also, today was Moses' 2nd Birthday!   He's so cute.  Every time you start to sing Happy Birthday to him he gets excited and sings it really loud.  I don' think he knows it's HIS birthday. Can't wait to have his very first birthday party!