Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Christy had to have oral surgery.   I HATE having anything done to my teeth.  I actually have one wisdom tooth left and my dentist has referred me to an oral surgeon because I've let it go for so long...and that was a couple of years ago!  So...when I found out what Christy would have to have done my heart just sank.     She had 4 teeth that were broken off.  3 of those had rotted and broken away and there were only tiny little pieces of tooth that you could still see through the gums.   The roots of those teeth had been infected for a very long time.   Then, she had several very large cavities and he had to fill those and do some work on some of the nerves.   We got to Children's Hospital early this morning and left there around 1 this afternoon.  She was so funny when they gave her the "happy juice".   She was holding onto Chad's head kissing his face.  She would not let go and just kept saying one more, one more.   Then the nurse came to talk to her and she was holding her hand up in the air trying to touch something.  She told the nurse that the fish (stickers on a door across the room) were swimming.    When she woke up after surgery, her whole mouth was numb and she was still out of it.   She slowly put her finger on her bottom lip and then looked at me and said "What is this!!" and then started tryign to pull it off!   She had me dying laughing.   She did really well.   She is already up and I'm having to make her take it easy.  Amazing!

It amazes me that she lived with so much pain in her mouth for so long.   She only complained a couple of times until I started asking her if it hurt...even then her complaining was a "my tooth" every once in a while.   I think of all the kids still in that home and others.  They're living with pain...physical and emotional.  They don't know any different.  They've never had the luxuries we have.  Thinking about it makes me sick of my excuses and apathy.  "I'm sorry your teeth are rotting out of your head and you're in constant pain...I'm sorry you'll never have a mom or dad....It's so sad that you don't have enough food to eat or water to drink...poor thing....doesn't have clothes that fit.....but, it's just too expensive to be your house isn't big enough....we wouldn't be able to afford everything we want....or everything our kids might have a lot of issues...I'm sorry your life is too hard...but, adopting you would just be too uncomfortable."    Uncomfortable.  I don't think I really know what that is.  I can't help but look at each of my kids and think about those without a home...a mom and a dad...basic necessities.  I know it's said all the time...we're not all called to adopt...but, as a christian...we are called to do something.   I'm blown away when I think about how much people helped us with bringing our kids home.  People are so generous.   God was so good and faithful.  And...if we step out to obey Him, he will bless us and provide.   After all...he loves these kids more than we do!

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