Friday, May 11, 2012


This past week was Ethan's last pack meeting for the year.  They had a blast.   We're sad to see the scoutmaster move on to Boy Scouts with his son.   He's so great with the boys...he will really be missed.   

While we were all watching the night unfold, there was some bonding going on :)   Moses gets closer and closer to Chad.   I love watching it.   He says, "My Daddy" all the time.  He wants to show Chad everything and gets excited when Chad wakes up or comes home.   It's very sweet.   It used to be that if I was standing there, he didn't want anyone else, including Chad touching him.  Look at them now....

I've also loved watching "the twins".  Boy can they fight!  But, they've also started developing the cutest relationship.   Now that they can understand each other, they carry on sweet little conversations and enjoy hanging out together.   The other day I couldn't find either one of them...they were hiding together, from all of us!   They were in the woods I found them under the bed waiting for someone to find them.   It's been very sweet.  

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