Monday, January 19, 2015

Feed the Birds

This weekend we did lots of birding.   We went to visit my mom so we headed to a fish hatchery near her to see if we could spot some water fowl.   We didn't have very much luck but we saw a kingfisher, gulls, geese, a kestrel, and a Heron.   All the ducks flew off as soon as we got there.

Then we went to a nearby lake where you can buy food to feed the birds.   The ducks were eating out of the kids' hands.  It made us all miss our ducks!  

Then, Sunday we went to the Sandhill Crane Festival again.  It was fine but it's a long drive.  We found another wildlife management area on the way home and explored it.   The kids had the best time at the beach area on the river.   It was hard to pull them away.   We were all so thankful for the warmth and sunshine!

Mini Vacation

For the second year in a row I did not do a family pic for our Christmas card.  It stresses me out and I put it off until it's too late!  So...I let the kids do what they wanted and took a "Christmas picture".   I love it!  This is how it looks around here most day.

The day after Christmas we headed to the Creation Museum.  We had never been before and decided to have a little vacation since kids were free last year.   Despite the fact that we were really sick, we managed to have a good time.   The kids got to swim at the hotel and they loved the museum.   We went back for a 2nd quick day there.  

The day after we got back we got a visit from Chad's dad and family and they got the kids at trampoline for Christmas!  They were so excited!