Monday, January 19, 2015

Mini Vacation

For the second year in a row I did not do a family pic for our Christmas card.  It stresses me out and I put it off until it's too late!  So...I let the kids do what they wanted and took a "Christmas picture".   I love it!  This is how it looks around here most day.

The day after Christmas we headed to the Creation Museum.  We had never been before and decided to have a little vacation since kids were free last year.   Despite the fact that we were really sick, we managed to have a good time.   The kids got to swim at the hotel and they loved the museum.   We went back for a 2nd quick day there.  

The day after we got back we got a visit from Chad's dad and family and they got the kids at trampoline for Christmas!  They were so excited!  

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