Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cumberland Island 2016

We have saved all year to be able to take a trip to Cumberland Island National Seashore.   It's the only undeveloped barrier island and is a national park.   You have to take a 45 minute ferry ride over to the island and there is only tent camping available.  Unless, you stay in a very high end inn on the north of the island.    I was nervous that we would not have enough food and also about how to carry all of that over.  Once you are there, there is nothing to purchase on the island.  Everything worked out perfectly and we even had a little food to spare.    

On the ride over we watched dolphins, which was the first time the kids had seen them in the wild.   Once we got to the island, we were blown away.  It was even more beautiful than we hoped.    The tent sites are nestled under the enormous live oak trees.    It the feeling of being in a jungle.    Wild horses run the island.    There is also a rich history on the island that was very interesting.    There were several different types of habitats that made it so fun to go exploring.   First, you would be in the live oak forest, watching birds, armadillos, deer, and we even had the horses run through the campground.   The sand dunes and beach were just a 2 minute walk from our campsite.   Then we took a couple of mile hike to explore the salt marsh.    We happened to be there during low tide,so our time at the beach was spent searching the tide pools.  I think the kids could just do that all day long.   Our only regret about this trip was that we didn't make it a couple of days longer.   It was something we will never forget and, hopefully, we can do again.

These pictures are out of order, but, it's too time-consuming to try to fix that.