Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Books and Strange Outfits

My boys absolutely love going to the library....which, I love. I'm so glad they enjoy reading. They also love listening to audio books. This time we checked out an audio book that also came with the book. It's called "adios oscar" and we got it because Ethan is taking Spanish at our homeschool co-op. Luke didn't make it through the whole thing, but Ethan really enjoyed it. You'll also notice their clothes....they've been wanting to pick out their own clothes lately. They definitely have their favorites things to's always interesting to see what they come up with.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Luke is 4!!!

I really can't believe he is four years old already. He really is turning into a boy now. He seems a lot older lately...the things he says and the way he acts. He is such a funny kid....he's so obstinate and so sweet at the same time. Sometimes it's hard to discipline him because he is so sensitive and takes things so deeply to heart. He's very active and can hardly sit still, yet, he loves to do puzzles and he begged for this set of pattern blocks. We got it for him and he is amazing us with it. Our home was filled ('s a small home) with family for his birthday. We're blessed to have most of our family close by and he was lavished with love and presents.

Ethan said Luke was the sheriff...he was so sweet...he talked all day about how he couldn't believe Luke was already 4 and that he was growing up so fast. :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally Warm Weather!

We are loving this warmer weather! We took a trip to the park with Mamaw and some of our cousins....oh yeah...and Sweet Pea. They have so much fun together! :o)

Ethans Yuckiest Birthday present!

Ethan got so many amazing gifts for his birthday. We are so blessed to have family that loves him so much! Here are a few pics from his party.

I really surprised myself. I hate anything slimy and creepy crawly....especially worms, frogs, etc. But....I LOVE seeing my boys be boys! Most of teh time I stand on the other side of the glass while they show me the frogs and stuff that they find with their dad. When I saw this Earthworm Nursery I had to get it for Ethan's birthday. They love finding worms and make worm farms...but, most of the time the worms don't survive for very long. This thing is really pretty cool. We got the vermipods (cocoons) in the mail today. We had to get them all ready to go in their hatching chamber and they could start hatching as soon as tonight. Then they have to be transferred to the soil. I will NOT take part in that process, but, the boys are so excited. Ethan keeps sitting there watching it. Once there are real worms, the nursery will have to go out of reach where they cant' be helped to escape in the house. :O)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Williamsburg/Jamestown 2010

We were blessed with the opportunity to go to Williamsburg, VA this past week. It was homeschool days there and we got in at a great rate. None of us had ever been before so we were all so excited. Ethan has been learning about American history all year and couldn't believe he would get to go see the "real Jamestown". It was really neat for him to get to see things he's been learning about in person. We spent most of our time in Williamsburg. The had a lot of "interpreters" there to give you as much information as you wanted. We got to sit in a coffehouse and a church where many of our founding fathers spent time. We also visited the jail where two of the cells are still the originals...over 300 years old. Some of Blackbeard's pirates were actually held there. It was a strange feeling walking down the streets wondering who had walked there before us. We got to watch a man give a speech as George Washington. He took questions at the end and was very knowledgeable. Chad, being a George a little offended with his question. :o) We stopped at Jamestown on our last day there. Ethan got to see the waterways that the first settlers used to get from place to place instead of roads. We drove around the island. We didn't have time to see the original landing point, but, we got to see replicas of the ships, a powhatan village, and fort James. The boys loved it! Here are a few of the 400 pictures I took! :o)