Sunday, March 7, 2010

Williamsburg/Jamestown 2010

We were blessed with the opportunity to go to Williamsburg, VA this past week. It was homeschool days there and we got in at a great rate. None of us had ever been before so we were all so excited. Ethan has been learning about American history all year and couldn't believe he would get to go see the "real Jamestown". It was really neat for him to get to see things he's been learning about in person. We spent most of our time in Williamsburg. The had a lot of "interpreters" there to give you as much information as you wanted. We got to sit in a coffehouse and a church where many of our founding fathers spent time. We also visited the jail where two of the cells are still the originals...over 300 years old. Some of Blackbeard's pirates were actually held there. It was a strange feeling walking down the streets wondering who had walked there before us. We got to watch a man give a speech as George Washington. He took questions at the end and was very knowledgeable. Chad, being a George a little offended with his question. :o) We stopped at Jamestown on our last day there. Ethan got to see the waterways that the first settlers used to get from place to place instead of roads. We drove around the island. We didn't have time to see the original landing point, but, we got to see replicas of the ships, a powhatan village, and fort James. The boys loved it! Here are a few of the 400 pictures I took! :o)

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