Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

This month we made another trip to Birmingham.   Then, we all headed to Destin, FL just to spend the day.   Ethan and Luke had been to the beach when they were 2 and 4 years old.   Moses and Christy had never been.   It was a day they will never forget!

We've been studying about Ancient Greece.  We decided to go see this full scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville.    It was so much bigger than we expected.    The kids were amazed at what could be built without any of our modern machinery.  It was also sad to see the gods that the people worshipped.    It's one thing to read about them, but, to stand and see it for yourself is another. 

We've also hatched out another clutch of chicks!  They are so cute!   

The kids have been busy getting ready for our first handicraft fair.  Ethan is whittling some knives, Christy is making felt flower headbands, Luke is making bookmarks, and Moses made some cool light sabers.     We did end up taking a trip to the Dr. for Ethan to get some stitches!  He learned a valuable lesson...the hard way, unfortunately.