Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunshine and Mud Puddles

Today was rainy and dreary.  And then, all of the sudden, it was sunny and beautiful!  The kids ran out and jumped in the mud puddles, Moses stripped down to his boxers, and they all jumped on the trampoline.  It was awesome.  We needed it!  So thankful. 

Baby Animals

Ethan saved his money and purchased a pair of rabbits to breed.   He has his first litter and they are adorable!   He is going to be selling them but it's going to be hard to see them go!  We also got some chicks to add to our flock. I loved having all these babies to cuddle. 

Our Perilous Journey

I decided to take the kids rock climbing last weekend.  Chad ended up having to work, so my mom and nephew came along.   I feel really stupid looking back.  It was supposed to be for kids.  So...I don't know....I pictured the kids climbing up some boulder in a sunny field somewhere.   I was so wrong.   I felt horrible because we were so unprepared.  I didn't realize how much colder it was going to be than I though.  When the forecast said "50's", that wasn't talking about where we were going to be.   The whole trail up to the huge rock wall was completely covered in ice and snow.  Adults, who were prepared, were falling and sliding down.   These people and metal things made for the ice on their shoes.  So...imagine us in our t-shirts and tennis shoes.   My poor mom!  She was such a trooper though.   We made it up and then about threw up when I saw where they would be rock climbing.  It was...real rock climbing!  I was really regretting driving all that way and then crawling up the trail that I knew was going to be the death of us on the way back down.  Plus, we had to make sure we weren't standing under any of the massive icicles hundreds of feet above our heads or we could easily be impaled....and die. ended up being an amazing trip and my kids cannot wait to go back.   They set up a couple smaller areas for the younger kids and first timers.   The kids couldn't feel their fingers (because I didn't bring anything to keep them warm) or I think they would have tried the harder ones.   The part that was the hardest was repelling.  They just couldn't trust that they wouldn't fall and had to climb back down.  Hopefully next time they will get it.   We ended up making it to the bottom, but, it was comical to watch.   We would slide from one tree to another and try not to knock each other off our feet.   A couple of the kids had pretty hard falls, but, thankfully everyone was ok.

Poor Christy got scared and clung to this ledge for dear life.   They had to talk her into letting go and then she finally made it to the top!

Hanging on!  I sat down and slid most of the way so I didn't fall!  ha ha!