Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!!

This is the last post for today....I'm just trying to catch up before the new week begins.

It amazes me how different each of my boys are. They are seriously like night and day. It's so fun lately watching them as they grow up. They are changing so much and becoming little men. It makes me so much more aware of the responsibility I have as their mother. It makes me more desperate for God to give me wisdom and patience. I love these little guys so much.

Luke is so funny....he literally asks for chocolate chip pancakes every single day. The way he says it just makes it so cute...."mama....can ya make chocwit chip paincakes?". So, the other night I surprised him and we had them for dinner...he was so excited. I had to take some pics....I just love his chocolatey....very :o)

Enjoying the warmth

It's been such a cold winter that anytime it warms up even a little...we head outside and the boys jump on the trampoline. The LOVE the trampoline. It was given to us and we need to get an enclosure and cover for the springs...but, they do alright just the way it is. Sweet Pea goes crazy the entire time. She gets underneath and tries to bite their feet...they think it's pretty hilarious. I don't like it so much because she's covered in mud afterward...but, it's worth it. :o) Oh yeah....and the joy of all joys is when Chad joins in the fun! He's the best daddy...there's nothing better than watching him and the boys together.

McClung Museum

We actually went here a couple of weeks ago and it kind of lead to the "fossil dig" we did. It was very interesting. Definitely want to go again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fossil Dig

It's been FOREVER since I've blogged here...but, since I've cut back on photography, I really want to try to keep up here.

Today for school we did a project with sand, leaves, rocks, and plaster....oh yeah, and chicken bones(of course my dog at mine, but, luckily my friend had extras. :O)) The kids had a blast putting it together. Then we let it set and taked about how fossils are formed. After about an hour we peeled away the cartons and they dug out their bones. They had a blast!

Me and the boys are also going through an awesome book by Ken Ham called Dinosaurs for Kids. I've learned alot from it. It teaches kids to question scientists and how to defend creation.

Here are some pics from was VERY messy...but, that just made it more fun for them. :o)

From Homeschool

From Homeschool

From Homeschool

From Homeschool

From Homeschool

From Homeschool

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!!!

I love these prints from Red Letter Words and you can enter to win at this blog!