Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We got moved into our new house this weekend. However, it has rained the past two days so we've been stuck inside. The good thing about it was that I got just about everything unpacked and put away. So, today is gorgeous! We went outside and explored a little. We've got 3 1/2 acres now which we are SO excited about. It was so muddy, though, that we stuck close to the house. Sweet Pea loves it out here. She just ran as fast as she could for a long time. The boys found lots of sticks, rocks and a huge mud puddle (that we will have to do something about). I feel so blessed to have this house. It is just what we've wanted for a long time. Lots of woods to explore. You can hear a rooster every morning. Our neighbors have donkeys that are louder than I thought possible. Can't wait to start building tree houses and all that fun stuff!

Yesterday Chad found a frog and the boys were super excited. Me...not so much. But, I did get out my long lens so I could stand WAY back and get some cute pictures. :o)

Today we made bread and the boys have really started enjoying helping. Luke grinds the grain while Ethan puts the ingredients in the mixer. Then that take turns kneading it and each make their own loaf.

Luke was "pretend fishing".

For some reason they could throw stuff in the water ALL. DAY. LONG.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Field Trip: Ijams Nature Center

This morning we met up with some other homeschoolers for a field trip at Ijams. It's such a neat place...awesome nature trails and a really cool exhibit with lots of animals that you see here locally. Unfortunately, it started storming so we missed part of the hiking time. But, we still had a great time. I think we'll head over sometime and do some of the trails.

"Hearts-a-burstin'" is the name of this flower

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Grampa

My heart is heavy tonight. Right now, I wish I were a little closer to my grandparents. I grew up in South Florida, where they still live. My grampa is in the hospital...I guess in a coma. He's had a lot of health challenges, but, I still was not prepared for this. There is still a chance of him waking up, but, it's not looking like that will happen. I wish I could be close to my gramma. He is her life (after God) and I know that when he is gone, she won't know what to do with herself. They are both so special and precious to me. When I was little I stayed with them a lot. They took me to church and facilitated so many great experiences for me. God used them in my life in a huge way. I was protected from a lot because of them. I was shown and taught about the love of God at a young age because of them. My grampa is the funniest person I know. He's got a rough, sometimes crude way about him...but, people love him. I took the boys down to FL this spring and I'm so glad they got to get to know him a little better. Even though I know he was very uncomfortable and not able to get around like he used to, he kept talking about Jesus. I know that when the day comes, he will be so much happier, but I will miss him so much.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Great Day

Today was a good day....no reason in particular...it was just a nice day. We did history, which we usually all enjoy. I've been alternating science and history. I had planned to do each one two days a week, but, we've been just setting our own pace and taking as long as we need to on each one. I want it to be fun for the kids and not just try to fit it all into two days if it's too much.

So, we got to the Egyptians today. Ethan's been so excited about studying Ancient Egypt...all the pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics are so interesting to him.

Doing some map work...

This just happened to be the latest issue of National Geographic! The boys loved it.

Found this cool pop-up book at a book warehouse.

We made our models of the Nile River. They are supposed to "flood the Nile" regularly and hopefully, the grass will grow along the banks.

Of course, since the water hose was out, they had to have an all out water fight.

Ethan's first Scout Meeting was tonight. SO CUTE!

They had a little boat race.

Luke is very into his muscles lately. As we were leaving out friends house the other day, I saw him saying goodbye to thier little girl and he said...."Clara...wanna feel my muscles?".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Laying Out...

I remember the first time I heard someone say they were "laying out" it was in the middle of winter and I thought they were crazy. In Florida...."laying out" refers to laying out in the sun. If you didn't go to school...that was skipping school. Well....Friday we started school. We really were going to accomplish SO much. But, then, while we are doing math problems....our little neighbor girl starts riding her bike outside our window. The boys are begging to go out too. So I went and asked if she was out of school....sure enough! No school Friday. So...I told the boys we were done and going to the mountains!!! We'd had a long week...so I was so relieved to just be done with it and have a long weekend (even longer than I thought it would be).

We studied Mercury this week and made little models out of flour, salt and water. The boys had fun blasting them with "asteroids".

Ethan looks SOOOOO cute in his Cub Scouts uniform. He's super excited to start next week!

Friday we went to Cades Cove and drove down Sparks Lane because, for some reason, we never had before. It's very pretty...I'm glad we did.
Butterflies were EVERYWHERE.

There was a perfect little creek that the boys couldn't resist.

Their favorite part of the day was the TURKEY HUNT! They chased these turkeys so far that they finally just flew off.


Taking a break from the hunt.

No turkey...but, they did leave behind a feather...which Sweet Pea destroyed shortly after getting it home. It was going to go in Ethan's "collection jar" along with all of his gross, I mean awesome, Cicada shells.

I love the volunteers at Cades Cove. This man was on his way out of the mill for the day. He saw the boys and called them over to him. He picked up some buckeyes off the ground and told the boys about them and gave them each one.

Don't know what he is doing. All I know is he said, "Look Mom! Take a picture!".

They made up a game with the buckeyes.

It started raining pretty hard on our way out. But, right when it started sprinkling this bear came out and started playing in the rain. It was the cutest thing. He was jumping around and standing up on his hind legs. It was fun watching him.

In the car on the way home, Luke was telling Ethan that when he was 100 years old he was going to be a "big, huge giant!!!". He apparently thinks you never stop growing! :o)

We finished up the week today at Water Angels' Shining Stars Club. It was so awesome. There is nothing like watching those kids praise the Lord. I was kicking myself for not bringing my video camera. These kids were dancing and singing with all of their hearts....I know that God had to be loving every minute of it.