Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today I was given a blog award by someone whose blog I LOVE to follow. I'm honored that she gave me this award. I was really surprised because I really just blog for my boys. At the end of each year I'm going to print our blog for them. I think it's amazing, though, how blogs are used these days. I know that I get so much inspiration from looking at the blogs of other home schoolers, photographers, and so much more. So....when given the award you're supposed to give some facts about yourself and share 15 blogs you like. I'm terrible at the "random facts" thing. I'm a pretty boring person. :o) If you want to find out stuff about me....just scroll through my blog and you'll pretty much see what my life is like and what I enjoy doing. I think it will be fun to share some of my favorite, I'll do that and hope that someone else might be inspired by them.

First of all...Sarah is a fellow homeschooler and she is the one who gave me the award. We've only met briefly once, but, she just seems like an amazing mom and I love watching what she does with her kids.

Knock Off Wood....I'm determined to build my own bedroom furniture this fall

Those are some of my favorites...but, there are lots more that I browse occasionally.

Thanks Sarah!


sarah in the woods said...

Jeremiah has been getting a book printed through Blurb every 6 months. I love these books. It inspires me to keep blogging!

TheBowlingFamily said...

I'll have to check them out...I didn't know they did blogs.