Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Great Day

Today was a good day....no reason in particular...it was just a nice day. We did history, which we usually all enjoy. I've been alternating science and history. I had planned to do each one two days a week, but, we've been just setting our own pace and taking as long as we need to on each one. I want it to be fun for the kids and not just try to fit it all into two days if it's too much.

So, we got to the Egyptians today. Ethan's been so excited about studying Ancient Egypt...all the pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics are so interesting to him.

Doing some map work...

This just happened to be the latest issue of National Geographic! The boys loved it.

Found this cool pop-up book at a book warehouse.

We made our models of the Nile River. They are supposed to "flood the Nile" regularly and hopefully, the grass will grow along the banks.

Of course, since the water hose was out, they had to have an all out water fight.

Ethan's first Scout Meeting was tonight. SO CUTE!

They had a little boat race.

Luke is very into his muscles lately. As we were leaving out friends house the other day, I saw him saying goodbye to thier little girl and he said...."Clara...wanna feel my muscles?".

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