Adoption Timeline

This is our Adoption Timeline so far:

November 5th, 2010 - We started sponsoring Alexie in Togo. Right away we felt God tugging at our hearts that it was time for us to take the step to adopt. We pursued adopting Alexie for some time. However, Togo's regulations make it impossible. We mourned this, but, knew that God must have another plan.

December 13th, 2010 - We decide to pursue the adoption of "C" and "B" in Ghana. We will be doing an independent adoption.

December 15th 2010 - We receive our first pictures of our children. It's so exciting and we are totally smitten!

December 28th 2010 - Sent our very first gifts to our kids!

January 7th 2010 - Turned in our home study paperwork.

January 12th 2011- Best birthday present ever! Pictures of our little guy opening the package we sent him!

January 15th - Got our fingerprinting done for the home study.

January 25th - First home study interviews

January 26th - We receive the Social Welfare report for our children. Now we know their birthdays and the story of their mother and fathers. It's exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.

January 27th - We receive the medical reports on the kids. "C" is 5 years old and weighs
33 lbs!! "B" on the other hand is 8 months and weighs in at 19 lbs!

January 30th - Pictures of Alexie with the gifts we sent her. We are still so burdened for her!

February 3rd - Home study visit here at our house!

February 23rd - Received Completed Home Study and my passport in the mail!

March 1st - I-600 A is in the mail!!!

March 18th - Mailed dossier to California to be taken to Ghana next week!!!

March 21st -  Received our fingerprinting appointment for 3/31!!!

April 4th -  Fingerprinting in Nashville....tornado sirens were going off the whole time but we made it safe and sound!

May 17th - Chad leaves for Ghana!!!

May 20th - After a very crazy trip, Chad finally got to Ghana.  The boys and I got to speak briefly with C on the phone.   We also got our 171-H in the mail!  Great day!!!

May 29th - Chad leaves Ghana tonight to head home without our children.

June 15th - Stephanie got her travel shots!

September 8th - C turned 6!    Still waiting for papers to be signed and to get a court date!

October 5th 2011 - Papers signed!!!  Praise God!  Now we wait for court!

November 8th 2011 -  God is SO good!!!  Today we passed court and Christiana Renee and Moses Bernard became part of the Bowling Family...officially!

November 16th 2011 - Stephanie left to visit the kids.

November 28th - I600 filed in-country.

December 1st - Steph returned home.

December 20th - I-600 Approval!!!

January 31st - Visa Exit Interview went well, but, POA must take more documentation to embassy on 2/2.   Ethan got his travel shots today!

March 9th 2012 - Visas are printed and Chad and Ethan get on a plane to go get our kids!

March 10th - Gotcha Day!

March 15th - Christy and Moses are finally home!!!!

May 3rd - Moses turned 2!   Readoption completed...Christy and Moses are US citizens and their names were legally changed to Christiana Renee' and Moses Bernard!