Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So far, March has been a whirlwind.   We've been doing Rich + Rooted Passover by Jennifer Naraki.  One morning it called for making a mexican bread pudding, which is a passover tradition.   It was also delicious.  

We brought home Millie and Fannie, two Nigerian Dwarf doelings.   They are adorable and so sweet. We are bottle-feeding them so they have become very attached.  Sweet Pea has done great with them, however, she is a little jealous.  

We took a nature study walk at Kyker Bottoms the other day.   We didn't see much but it was still good to get out!


The kids were sure these were owl pellets and they dissected them to prove it.   They proved they were wrong!  It was just some kind of scat!

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