Saturday, March 15, 2014

Luke's Birthday Outing

Luke got several bird books for his birthday, so we headed out to Kyker Bottoms to see if we could spot anything new.   We had never been before and were pleasantly surprised.   We were the only ones there and it was beautiful.   However, 5 minutes after arriving, Christy unlatched one of the large wooden windows in the observation tower and it hit her on the head.  Blood was literally squirting out of her head, so we headed to the clinic.   After the nurse looking for a large wound for about half an hour, including having to wash her whole head to be able to see through all the blood, they found a tiny little cut that didn't need anything but cleaned.   The doctor said she must have had an arterial bleed.  Sooooo....we headed back to Kyker Bottoms.   The kids had fun looking for frogs.  We even spotted a few butterflies.  We watched several flocks of geese and ducks take off from the water.   The most exciting thing though, was all of the Tree Swallows that were there.  They were everywhere and they were flying so close to us.   We sat by the water for a long time and watched them skim the top of the water for a drink.   Luke was so excited to get to check this bird off of his list. 

There are several ducks, fungus, seeds, etc that we found that we have no idea what they are.   I plan on trying to look them up this week.  

I thought I spotted a frog.....but, it was just some kind of nut.

There were Yellow-Rumped Warblers everywhere.

The kids thought these might be some kind of frog eggs.  I have no idea!

Eastern Phoebe