Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am so sad tonight.  We lost my "ex-brother-in-law".   He was a really great guy.  Our boys loved him.  They still play with the Lincoln Logs that Uncle Justin and Aunt Christy got Ethan for one of his birthdays.   He was a good guy.   My sister sat by him on the bus in high school...every day for a couple of years.  She said he was always such a nice person.   People would pick on him and be mean to him...I imagine he just took it.   Our hearts always broke over some things that he had to endure.   And...they broke as we all watched Christy have to make hard choices because of choices he made.   He's one of those people you think of often and hope that they will turn around and get back on the right track.  Sadly, he didn't.  This week his life ended.   It's heart breaking.  It's a nightmare for someone you cared about to die when you don't know if they ever gave their heart to the Lord.   I lost a young cousin to was this same feeling.   It's gut-wrenching and painful.

When we told Ethan and Luke about Justin, Ethan's first response was, "Did he get saved?".   He prayed for Justin to "know that Jesus died for ALL his sins and for him to know you so he can be with your forever".  I had no idea...even though we've talked about it frankly...that he had such a grasp on eternity.  I pray that before he died he was able to make things right with God.  I pray we will see him again one day.  

I'm praying for God to help me to take advantage of the opportunities He gives me to share His love with the unsaved around me.   I have loved ones and friends that are not serving God.   Why do I not reach out to them more.  I think a lot of times I know that they know the truth...nothing I say is going to make a difference.   I need more of the Holy Spirit so He can speak through me....or nothing that comes out of my mouth will make a difference.   I need to set the example for my can't just pray for people to get saved...we're told to preach the Gospel.   People are perishing all around us.  God give me the urgency you feel to rescue people from an eternity in they can know your love.

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