Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 Weeks!

It has been a crazy three weeks!!!   SO, we've dealt with RSV and pneumonia.   This week....I had to take Ethan and Christy in.   Ethan's face was swelling to the point his eyes were swelling shut and he was covered in a weird rash that he had also in Ghana.   Turns out to be an allergic reaction to the malaria medication.   Christy had been saying her ear hurt and she had a bad ear infection.   I quickly learned that when she says she doesn't feel good...but, still acts like she feels good...I need to take her very seriously.  I think she's had to learn to have a high pain/discomfort tolerance.

Later in the week, I actually had to rush her to the ER.   She passed out and then started vomitting.  She actually was mostly unconscious for about an hour.   It turns out she was dehydrated.  Which is crazy because she drinks water all day long!!!   After an IV with 2 bags of fluids, she was back to her old self.

I've tried to stay home more this week and it's been good.   I've been really exhausted.   By the middle of the week, I wasn't really sure I could keep going.  Thankful for a better night's rest last night!   We were able to get up and take care of the house and then we headed to the mountains as a family.   We had a great day together.    We saw lots of bears, a few deer, and several turkeys.   To top it all off, Luke caught 2 on top of the other.  Believe it or one asked any questions about why they were like that!    It was hilarious.   Christy is just like not come near her with anything like that!

Moses got soaked...he just runs full speed into the water.  He doens't mind his head going under, so he never learns or thinks twice...kind of scary!

It hit me today that all of the "firsts" that we're experiencing with these two are so different.   We missed out on so many firsts like, first steps, first words, etc.   But, today was Christy's first time of being in the car while it rained.  She was so amused by the water on the windows.  It was her first time drinking from a water fountain.   She said, "mom...what's this?".  I told her.  She asked, "what for?".  I showed her how it worked and she just giggled and giggled and kept drinking from it.   Today was her first time in a creek.   It's so fun to watch her.  Things that we are used to seeing our whole lives, bring her such delight!  I love it!  

Moses made my day but kissing my face tonight for the first time.  He just grabbed my face and kept kissing saying, "Mwah!" over and over!


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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - gotta love the frogs! lol I'm praying for you guys and for yours and Chad's strength during your adjustment period. It's true that you will still have so many firsts to experience with them. That's really funny about the water fountain!