Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 Weeks!

Last week marked 6 weeks home!  It feels like so much longer.   It's been great.  It's been hard and messy.  There have been many moments I have wanted to pull my hair out...but, they are way outnumbered by so many sweet moments, giggles, cuddles, and firsts.   

Moses and Chad have been bonding more and more.  I love hearing Moses say "my daddy!".   He's been wanting to just be with Chad more.  When Chad leaves he says, "My daddy...I go!".   He LOVED riding the mower with Chad and was not happy at all when his turn was up.   

Luke and Ethan found a turtle in the pond that was "THIIIIIS BIG!!!!".

Christy admiring the weeds before they were mowed down.

Exploring the pond.

Luke and Ethan love spoiling little Moses.  

Climbing some trees.

Christy loves to wear her tutu.  It's in really bad shape...I need to make a new one. :)  She also wanted to carry her baby around the way they do in Ghana.  

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RACHEL said...

gorgeous pictures!!!