Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chad has been looking forward to taking Christy out for some one on one time.   They got the opportunity the other morning.  It was nothing fancy...they just got some lunch and then went to the mall for her to jump on those trampolines.  I cannot believe she did it and was not scared at all!   She was grinning from ear to ear...she loves her daddy and she gets so shy when he tells her how beautiful she is!  Melts my heart!  

We found out that we will be going to court to on Moses' 2nd birthday!!!   On that day they will become U.S. citizens and their names will legally be changed.  I'm really excited and I think it's so special it's on his birthday.

I took Christy to the dentist this morning thinking that she'd be getting one tooth pulled, but, after xrays and further examination...she was scheduled for oral surgery in a couple of weeks.   She has several teeth that are broken off and only a tiny (brown) piece of a tooth is left sticking out.  The roots of those teeth are so infected (and likely have been for at least a year) that they are draining and will have to be dug out.   In all, she'll have 4 extractions.   Then, she'll ahve work done on 4 other teeth.   She's got some HUGE cavities and nerve problems, etc.   I'm praying it's mostly baby teeth.   She'll be having the surgery at Children's Hospital.   Our dentist is so great!  He's giving us a large discount on his fees which helps us out greatly.    I just feel so bad for her.  I HATE going to the dentist.  But, they all said she'll be up and wanting to play the same'll see :)

Things are going so well!  We're definitely out of the honeymoon period.  Moses has even started to be really defiant at times and has actually hit me and thrown stuff at me when he doesn't like what he's being told to do or not to do.    It's hard not to laugh sometimes because he's just so stinking cute!   I hate to discipline him, but, it makes me feel good.  I think he feels more secure here and is just testing us.   Christy didn't wait to start that...she started in Ghana! :)   She's really responding well though. The bonding and attachment is happening so fast.    We still have lots of things to work them and us.   One thing that is really hard for me is the lack of boundaries and having no concept of not yelling everywhere we go.   Christy will be all over complete strangers and their things.  It's hard to not get embarrassed and it's just such a foreign thing to her that she looks at me like I'm crazy when I try to explain why we can't do that.   They are both extremely loud...everywhere!   Chad's mom kept Ethan and Luke overnight last weekend.  So, we took Christy and Moses to their first movie!   They loved it.   It was reallly cute because CHristy has this awesome laugh.   It's loud, raspy...just super cute.   Well, she always died laughing when no one else was and she was oblivious to anyone around her.  People were turning around and laughing at her.   Moses sings along loudly with every song...even if it's the first time he's heard it...he did the same during the his high pitched little voice.   We have so many great memories of this past month.  

I noticed tonight that Christy's english is really improving...her speech is a lot clearer too.   She cracked us up yesterday.   Ethan cannot talk to her without speaking's like he's trying to talk like her but speak very clearly so she can's really cute.  Well, yesterday he couldn't understand something she was saying and she did the same thing to him...paused after every syllable and spoke VE.RY.CLEARL.LY.   She's done it a few's not to be funny....just to help us.  I bet we sound equally as silly to her!  

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Annette said...

You know it may not just be the end of the honeymoon period with Moses. It seems all my kids behavior needed the most redirection and discipline from 2 to 3 and a half. And Parker is right in the middle of it! I get so embarrassed sometimes too, especially when the screaming tantrum starts. LOL