Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whew!  We are busy around here these days!  We are exhausted...well, Chad and I are...but, it's a "good tired".    We're still trying to figure out how to do manage everything now.   While I'm really tired, I'm also so happy.   It feels so good to have our kids with us.  It's like a huge weight has lifted off of me.   I love being able to hold them, comfort them, play with them, feed them.   It's been a lot of fun being together these first few days.  Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well.  I think Luke is having the hardest time...although it's not bad.   He kind of seems to feel left out.  That's probably because he's the only one who hadn't met them yet.   He doesn't understand most of what Christy says, so that is a big barrier for them.   She's pretty bossy and I notice that a lot of the time, he just steers clear of her.   They are starting to warm up to each other little by little.   Hopefully, before long, they'll be close.  

The kids love being outside so it's nice that we've had such good weather.   They've been playing with the chickens.   Christy checks to see if one has "pooped an egg" every 5 minutes!  Poor chickens can't lay in peace!     She asks for "rocks" in her water (ice)....she's never had that before!  Can you imagine?

Yesterday she put on her nicest dress for lunch...mac and cheese.  I told her she should take it off to eat or she'd get food on it.  She said, "oh mommy!  I will not!  I will put my mouth inside the plate!".   This is the kind of language barrier we face.   Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to figure out what she's trying to say.

I need to do laundry while she is sleeping!  She's so enthralled with the dryer that she opens it every 2 minutes.  She does it when I don't notice so when I got to get the clothes out, they're still soaked!

Moses is such a happy baby!  He's always smiling, giggling and dancing.   He is my little shadow.  I love it!   He was scared to death of Sweet Pea but is finally warming up to her...a little.   Now, he doesn't scream like he's dying when he sees her....he either runs to us as fast as he can or grabs a hard object and pounds her on the head with it and yells, "go, go, go, go".  

He also loves to dance.  There is a dance in Ghana called azonto.  Anytime there is music he starts doing it.  He's so cute!

THey both have brought such joy to our home!  They are so full of life.  I'm so thankful!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of your first few days. That's so funny about the dryer! Can't wait to meet them. (:

Sadie said...

Such beautiful pictures! I am so glad they are home with you all now.

Christy said...

Prayers for adjustment...Luke's too. He's not the baby anymore and some kids feel that more than others. Thanks for sharing all the stories!