Sunday, March 4, 2012

100 days!

Here are a few new pics of our kiddos this week that my mom sent to me.

                                She was playing with the fish eye effect on her camera!  So funny!

Poor little guy passed out right on the floor.

This week, the weather has been insane!  Beautiful one day, tornado warnings the next, and then snow a couple of days later!   Craziness! Whenever it's been nice outside, we've tried to take full advantage of it.   We've done bb gun shooting....

made cloud dough (the boys loved it).....

read outside and just ran and played hard!

One thing that has haunted me for the past 5 months or so is this stupid "Counting our way to 100!"  chart I got at the beginning of the school year.   Everyday we put another number up on the chart.  Well, it seemed like we would NEVER get there!   We've had so many weeks of not doing school because of being in the hospital, recovering, being in the hospital, and recovering again that it seemed like we were barely crawling our way through this year.   Fortunately, we started the school year pretty early.  We thought our kids would be coming home in Septemberish, so we got a head start.  So, we're really not far behind!  Actually, on Friday we hit 100 days of school!   We went to breakfast with daddy and then celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday all day!   It was so much fun!   We read and laughed together.   We learned a lot about Dr. Seuss...what a great guy!  Did you know that he and his wife could not have children, so he made up an imaginary daughter?  Her name was Chrysanthemum Pearl! THey even wrote her name on the Christmas cards.  There were so many fun things we read about him.    It was a fun 100th day of school!

Then....we drug the legos into the hallway to wait out a couple of storms.  

We've been enjoying the birds around our house and put together this sack of things for them to use for their nests.  It will be fun to watch it dwindle....hopefully!  


Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Steph - Can I just say, You are such a wonderful Mom to your boys! They are blessed!

Anonymous said...

I felt like we would never get to 100 either! Even though they love to count the days...I'm seriously considering ditching that part of our calendar time next school year. How did you make your cloud dough?