Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Month and much more!

Wow...this is one huge month!!!   Ethan will turn 8 years old on the 4th.  Ten days later, on the 14th, Luke will turn 6.  Probably on the 14th or 15th our two  from across the ocean, will finally be home!   CRAZINESS!!!!   It's so weird seeing my kids get older. I keep looking at Ethan and thinking...who is this kid????   He's so tall and handsome!  He's getting more mature.   Luke has been my baby for so long. While he still loves to cuddle and snuggle and be right by my side, he is growing up too.   Pretty soon we'll be back in the toddler stage...which will be really weird!  AND....we'll have a GIRL!  All new territory there!   I'm so excited.  Honestly, I'm nervous too.  I know we're going to have struggles and up and downs.   But...I cannot wait.  It seems like this has taken forever.    I'm being very impatient.   Chad wants to wait to buy plane tickets until our POA has the kid's visas in hand.  I'm telling him he needs to have more God....and just go NOW!   They'll be printed...they said they'd print them the 9th! What?  Do you really think that would not happen???   Then I snap out of it and realize that every step of the way there has been some he is right.  I'm thankful he's using wisdom and not being emotional and impulsive like me!  

Last week we went to hear a homeschool couple speak and it was really good.   One thing I've really been relating to this week is about how boys hit this "phase" around 8-10 years old.  They'll just be angry or upset for no reason at all.  They talked about how you can prepare them for this so they will better know how to deal with it.   I've been seeing this in Ethan.  I have thought that this child is acting like a 2 year old over NOTHING!   Thankful they shared the wisdom they have gained over the years.  I think Chad will be having a talk with him very soon. :)  It's really cool that Ethan will also be having such an awesome experience after just turning 8 years old.  He will be going to Ghana and meeting his brother and sister for the first time!  

Luke and I are going to soak up our alone time while they are gone.  He thrives off of just being with your lap, running his fingers through your hair, playing board games, getting to sleep with us, etc.   He's really looking forward to having me all to himself.   He is in for a big change so I'm thankful we'll have this time together.

I am so blessed!   I am also feeling so desperate for more of God!  I look at these boys and want them to love God more than anything.   Then...I look at the example I am setting.   He has so much work to do in me!   I pray I will love Him with all of my heart, soul and strength so that they will want to do the same.  

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