Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tree

 Read this poem written by my mom  the other morning.


She is but a new seedling so fragile as she grows
 Drinking from the sky and earth  all she will ever need
Amazing it is to watch what time will only show
The splendor that will be birthed from just a tiny seed

The seed a tree now stands beautiful dressed in leaves of green
There for all to gaze upon and truly fearsome to behold
The wind gently sweeping as it passes by sounds heard but never seen
Unmovable she remains in place for the seasons to unfold

Crisp air has brushed against her fulfilling what soon will be a need
Dressed in colors now majestic being swept away by the wind
They will fall in place to cover earth a blanket protecting other seed
Before the snowflake has come it’s tasks now to begin

On the outside she is now barren in no dress is she arrayed
Only empty branches hang against the darkened sky
No one looks at her now for they cannot see the beauty still displayed
But this is only for a time as new seasons again will pass her by

We are like the tree standing strong and proud
Then come the times of trying producing grief and strife
Our life sometimes overshadowed by what seems a dooming cloud
But in the end used to shield and help another life.

Written by Lola Crain

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