Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Kissing!

First, an adoption update:  our children's visa's were denied for the third time yesterday.   We really thought they'd be approved and printed this time.  But, we have since learned what we think they want.  These papers they are requesting will take up to 10 business days to get here and then we have to get the originals to Ghana.   So, we're looking at another 3 weeks or so.   It seems like FOREVER to me!   I know it seems like forever to our little girl.   She has known which kids will be going home and in which order...now she knows that some kids will be going home before her that she thought would go after her.   While that is fine and is the nature of adoption...it's just hard for a little kid in that situation.   We're definitely learning some lessons about adoption and things to do differently next time.     So...after I freaked out, I've realized that a few weeks is not forever and that this is God's timing.  He's holding our children and will bring them home to us.  

Today....we've had a sweet day.   We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and gave each other Valentine's.   Then the boys and I did school and a few Valentine projects.   We had lots of down time just watching movies, playing with legos, took a short walk, and then dinner and family movie time.   Somewhere in there the boys (including Chad) played around on Spotify singing along to a bunch of Disney songs!   Chad LOVES Spotify.  He loves that they have karaoke and he makes us all listen to him singing at the top of his lungs!   

Anyways...the boys are so funny.  They feel like they have to hate everything that has to do with princesses or love stories!   This morning Luke had his "No Kissing" pin ready and put it on his shirt.  Funny thing is...he's the most cuddly little guy and loves to give us hugs and kisses.   Guess it's just a boy thing.  :)  It's fun to think that soon we'll have a little girl in the house so the boys will have to put up with princess movies and tea parties!   

I was reminded of our little girl singing the song from Tangled I've Got a Dream!  She would stomp around and sing it all the time.   She loves that movie!

The boys have been sick and Luke woke up with a fever this morning after being up all night coughing.  So, we're trying to rest and I'm pumping them full of vitamins and such.   Trying to get Ethan healthy and ready to go to Ghana.   

 This is me on no sleep, no make-up, etc.


partyoffivetn said...

And next Valentines Day there will be double the hugs and kisses! I am praying for you, friend!

sarah in the woods said...

"next time" you adopt. :)

TheBowlingFamily said...

oops! lol. Well...we'd love to. We'll just wait and see what God has in the future. :)

Christy said...

Wish I looked that great after no sleep! Praying your babies are home soon! Hope your little ones feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the "No Kissing" button. Foster will say "ewwww" when Chris and I kiss or hug. Boys are so funny.