Monday, February 27, 2012

At Long Last.....

Our visas have been approved!!!!   They won't print them until March 9th...but, we're just thankful that we have a date!!!  Chad, Ethan and my mother in law will leave on the 10th to go get our kids and finally bring them home!  It's been so long it almost doesn't seem real.   We are all so relieved and so excited.   Even the lady from Sen. Corker's office has emailed several times to see if we had been approved yet. :)   God is so good!   We are so blessed!   I can't wait to hug my little girl and gaze deep into her eyes.   I ache for the day when I can snuggle my little guy again.  Soon!

We've had a good day around here.   The boys had some fun at bedtime.   Every night after his shower, Luke spikes his hair up all over.   They got extra crazy tonight!

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sarah in the woods said...

YAY!!!!! It's so good to hear your good news!