Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, Chad and the kids seem to be doing great.   They have transitioned very well so far.   Yesterday they went to the market.  Women in Ghana wear their children on their back with a single piece of fabric. The men DO NOT.   Well, Moses is at that stage where he can't walk around a place like that but it gets heavy to carry him.  SO, Chad bought some fabric and put him on his back!  My mom said people were stopping them to to take pics of Chad...hanging out of their taxis, etc...just to get a picture of him.   I love that he's not too proud to do that!   I can't wait to see him with the kids!

Ethan went to spend the night with my mom last night at the orphanage.   I didn't know if he'd want to or not, so I talked to him on the phone and told him it wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings if he didn't want to...to just do what he was comfortable with.  He very excitedly informed me that he had made new friends there and really wanted to go.   So, I skyped with them last night.  He had gotten a drumming lesson and a dance lesson.  Mom said it was after dark so she couldn't get any video but tried to get some pictures.   He just sounds SO HAPPY!    He's seeing a lot and he has a really tender heart.   Today will probably be hard on him.  They are going to a village called Chorkor to take food for Feeding the Orphans.   I'm just praying God uses all of this to touch his heart and draw him closer to Him.  I'm so thankful for precious friends that gave Ethan this opportunity!

I cannot wait for them all to get home!  They have one more night there!   I'm so excited.  It breaks my heart at the same time.  There are so many kids left behind.   I think about our little girl who has watched her friends leave, one after the other.   It's harder once you've been there and held these kids you're leaving behind.  You've looked them in the eyes and they know that you know they are there.   It reminds me of Proverbs 23:12 "Don't excuse yourself by saying, "Look, we didn't know."  For God understands all hearts, and he sees you.  He who guards your soul knows you knew.  He will repay all people as their actions deserve." Now I know these children personally.  They are watching another family leave with their friends.  Probably wondering if they'll ever get out of there.  Will anyone ever take them in.

I cannot imagine the sorrow and despair their hearts must feel.  They need a mommy and a daddy.  God did not create us or wire us to live in institutions...even good ones!   I pray God makes Himself known to them...He is father to the fatherless.  I also pray more people would answer God's call to take care of these children.   They are precious and treasured in His eyes.  They are just as valuable as you and I.  Their lives have just as much worth.  Yet, somehow, we turn away...as if we never knew they were there.   I know that adoption is not the answer to the orphan crisis.   There are lots of other needs.   Just do something!  If God shows you something...even if it's little...do it.  No one person will ever be able to solve the whole problem at once.   He didn't tell us to save the whole world on our own.  He says that if you see Him naked, hungry, or in prison....do what you can do...give what you have...let him love through you!

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