Saturday, March 10, 2012

Safely in Ghana

They have landed in Ghana and are at the hotel with the kids!   Christiana was extremely wound up!  Can you imagine waiting your whole life for a family?   Watching your friends leave with their new families....leaving you behind?   I cannot imagine the joy she must feel.   When we skyped earlier today, she could not wipe the HUGE smile off of her face!  She yelled, "MOMMY!  DADDY IS COMING!".    My mom was waiting at the hotel with the kids.   She said that Ethan yelled, "Christy!" and ran and picked her up and they hugged for a long time.   Before long, she said they were wrestling around.   She was so excited to be in Chad's arms.   Little Bernard was confused.  I think he probably remembers our time at that hotel.  He remembers being torn from my arms and watching me drive away.  Tonight he had to be torn from my mom's arms.  But, Chad said that he was fine and playing in no time.   I'm so ready for them to be home, but, hoping they enjoy their last days there.   

I've been asked if it's ok for people to come to the airport on Thursday.  That is totally fine!  Going to homecomings is one of my favorite things ever!   

God is so good!!!   I can't believe we'll all be together in 5 days!!!


sarah in the woods said...

I was hoping for some good news from you tonight! So wonderful! I would love to come to the airport - let me know when. Did Chad get the visas?

TheBowlingFamily said...

Yes! The visas were printed on Friday! :) They come in on Thursday at 2:11pm. Seems like Thursday is forever away!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! We want to come but didn't know if that would be ok! I'll bring the kleenex!