Sunday, July 8, 2012

We are glad to have power again after the storm on Thursday night.   We don't have our tv hooked up to cable or anything so we didn't know that the storm was coming.  I had some food on the grill and we were doing some stuff outside when it kicked up very suddenly.  Before we knew it we were grabbing everything and running inside.  Chad could barely shut the front door because the wind was so strong.   We huddled in the hallway for a long time.  Our house is surrounded by huge trees so I always get worried one will fall on our house.   We lost power shortly after the storm started and it was out for 48 hours.   We lost one small tree and then a huge chunk of our maple tree fell.   Luckily they didn't do any damage.   It was really hot so we let the kids play in the water and hung out outside and then took COLD showers and went to bed.  The rest of the time we hung out in town or at Chad's mom's house.  I also went to a laundry mat and did every bit of dirty laundry.   

The whole time I was reminded of our friends in Ghana.   They are thankful if they have power or running water at all at this point.  There is really no where to go to escape the heat.   There is no laundry mat to go wash your clothes at when your water is not running...or if you're just completely out of water!  

This family challenges me so much...even when they're halfway around the world.  Check out their blog HERE.

My tomato plants were all completely on the ground.  We worked for a long time and were able to get them up again.

Chad and Ethan got this snake down out of a tree and fed it a frog to pass the time. :)  Much better than watching Jeff Corwin do it!

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