Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Time

Chad is off work this week so we are enjoying every moment of it.    There has been a lot we've needed to get done around the house, but, wtih Chad on 3rd shift it's been hard.   We're still adjusting to  him working nights.   Thankful we have this week to just spend time together, work hard together, have fun together, and relax together.   The kids did the Knox Co. Library summer reading program and we have free passes to the zoo.  We're all really excited about going in the next few days!

Around the house, Christy is always wanting to pretend she's getting married.  I got out my veil and let her play with it for  a little bit.  SHe found a white dress in her closet and walked around the house slowly with a smile on her face.   She tried to get on of her brothers to marry her, but, they refused to cooperate.   

Then, a couple of the boys wanted to play along too.  Moses thought the looked really cute. 

Luke thought it looked like fun too. 

We worked for hours outside and felt like we didn't really accomplish much.   Our power tools are not really meant for big jobs...so, we didn't get very far on this tree.  It's going to be a long process.  But, we are excited to have some firewood for this winter. 

Everyone pitched in to help cleaning up the yard.

Then Moses had fun making funny faces and then seeing the results on the camera.  

And then, of course, Chad and the kids had to take a break to practice their jedi moves.   My kids haven't even seen Star Wars, but, somehow they know exactly what to do.

Luke learned to ride without training wheels!

They caught lots of little critters and put them in their aquarium.  

Time to cool of in the water hose!

And find more critters!

Yes, those are tears in his eyes.  He couldn't believe I actually meant it when I told him to stop spraying things on the porch.  


The C Family said...

Great photos. Looks like you had a great day together!

Christy said...

We're making the most of JP's week off, too. We went to the zoo today...have the kids wear their swimsuits, the splash pad is a blast.

Anonymous said...

Could Moses get any cuter? Chris took off a day and went to the pool with us. It's so nice when the whole family can be together just doing something FUN.

TheBowlingFamily said...

Christy...I think we were at the zoo the same day? Tuesday? Stinks that we missed you guys!