Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Zoo and our latest pet

We got to the zoo first thing so we could take advantage of the whole day.   We had a blast and were worn out by the end of the day.  

Moses was the only one who didn't have a totally positive experience.  I didn't think about how overwhelming this could be for him.  Really, the only live animals he has seen are dogs, and farm animals from afar.   He could not grasp the concept that the animals were behind a fence or glass.  He was scared to death if we got close at all to any animals.   He begged the whole time to see "Elpans" (elephants).  We went by twice and they were always inside with the vet.  SO, 20 minutes before closing we tried one last time and they were close to the fences!  Yay!   Well, he was so scared of them.   When we got home he kept saying, "scared elephant, scared snake, scared lion, etc".   He could not sleep last night and kept having nightmares.   I felt so bad for him!   He was fine today though...maybe next time will be better.  

He did enjoy the show, but, the animals were mostly birds and were all at a safe distance :)

Luke was grumpy for some reason, so Moses gave him kisses to try to cheer him up.

He looks happy here...that's just because Chad stepped several feet away from the fence before he would stop screaming.


Today as we drove through the bank, Ethan spotted a praying mantis.   We happened to have a cup and lid so he jumped out and grabbed it!  I kept it up in the front with me.  I was having visions of the boys letting it out and it attacking I wanted to keep an eye on it and out of their hands.  

They are really such cool animals.  We'll probably put it in the garden tomorrow so it can help with the pests. 

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