Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well, tonight Chad goes back to work after a week off.   We didn't get everything done that we wanted to, but, we got some desperately needed down time as a family.  It's been great.  We've worked hard together and also had lots of fun together.

One of the things we wanted to get done this week, was "covering" our garden.  I'm so thankful a friend shared the Back to Eden Film with us.   I'm excited to see the benefits.  It was hard work...a LOT of shoveling!  But, it was fun.  HOpefully one day we'll have enough food to feed our family and share with those in need.   Plus, we all enjoy eating healthy food a lot more when we've worked hard to grow it. There's just something so rewarding about it.  

We still have to get a few more loads of wood chips, but, we're getting them free from a tree service near our house. 

We let the praying mantis go in the garden.  We're hoping he sticks around.

Watching these two has blessed me so much.  I snuck this picture without them knowing.   They have been going on different adventures together.  It's crazy that they can both be so deep into the same imaginary world that they don't even notice any of us are around...unless we want to enter with them. 

I started using a tip from another blogger.   She uses a rug for each child to play on.  THey have to keep the toys they are playing with at the moment on the rug.  Then...if they want to play with something else, they have to put everything away and then keep the next things on the rug.  It really has worked so well.  I was shocked that Moses picked up on it so quickly.  It has helped a lot since he loved to just go through the house pulling everything out and throwing it everywhere.


Christy said...

Yay!!! Your covering looks great, wish we were to that part, but hopefully in the fall!

We've always had the rule "one thing out", but I think I might extend it to include the rug...especially for Michael. I'm surprised at how little kids can be trained fairly easy to pick up after themselves. Great skill to teach early!

JP went back this morning and it's our first day of school...lots of adjustment going on. Glad you got stuff accomplished, us too! But like you said, not as much as we'd like, but that's life. :)

TheBowlingFamily said...

It makes the garden look so pretty. :) It would be easier if we could get a tree service to deliver the wood chips, but, at least it's free and we can help ourselves. There is a good place out here by us...piles of composting wood chips :)