Saturday, July 14, 2012

Four Months Home

It's been 4 months since Christy and Moses finally came home from Ghana!  It seems like so much longer than that.   Things are really going so well...way better than I had anticipated.   We still have issues, but, we had those before :)

Moses is such a smart little guy.  He's saying new words and phrases every day.  It blows me away.   I love the stage he's at.   He's so sweet, and still so dependent on me.  I treasure that time.   He has really bonded so well.   His older siblings all stayed the night with Gramma last weekend.  When we got home and he realized they weren't with us, he sobbed.  It was heartbreaking.  He kept looking at the door saying, "Yook coming?   Etan coming?  Citty coming?".   It made me thankful that he's so close to all of the already.   His little temper has come out.  He's got a stubborn streak.   He's so cute it's hard not to laugh sometimes.  He doesn't realize that he's not "one of the big kids".  He joins in and tries to follow them no matter what they're doing and gets so upset when you stop him.   I'm so thankful for him.

Christy is such a beautiful little girl...inside and out.   It amazes me that she can be so joyful and full of life after what she's been through.   She has been through so much, yet everywhere we go, people say, "she has the best laugh".    She makes people smile.  She knows how to push your buttons like nobody else, but, she also knows how to melt your heart.   We're working on the "why" of obeying.   It's hard when someone has been programmed a certain way for 6 years.   Her whole life, she knew to obey out of fear of what would happen to her.  Now, what happens isnt' really that bad in comparison and she knows we love her.  So.....the result?   Disobedience.  It's worth whatever will happen in her mind.  So, getting to the heart of the issue is going to be so important with her...not that it's not with all of them.   Her english has really come a long way in 4 months.    I love this girl!   I wish I had gotten a picture the other day.  SHe came out in her tutu, ballet slippers,  Ghanaian soccer jersey and all her necklaces.   That about sums her up!

Ethan and Luke are the best big brothers.  They're the best at antagonizing, aggravating, and getting a rise out of their little sister.   No, really, they have been awesome.   Moses is now sleeping with Ethan and it's so sweet.  Moses fell asleep holding Ethan's hand.   Christy and Luke are always having the cutest conversations and running around having fun together.   They all really love each other.  It's such an amazing thing to witness.   God has really been good to us!

I feel like I can finally start to think about school and I 'm getting excited...and nervous!  I'm used to 2 pretty independent kids.   This year we'll be adding a toddler and one for whom english is a second language, so it will take much more time and patience on my part.

We all have so many opportunities to grow these days.   I hate to admit that I pass them on by too many times instead of letting God change my heart.   The kids and I have been talking about love a lot.   Verses about not just saying you love someone, but, letting your actions show it.  And...if you say you love God but have hatred in your heart for a brother (or sister), you are a liar!   I think it's such a blessing that they have each other and can grow and learn in ways that they wouldn't if they weren't in each others lives.

God is so good and I'm so thankful!


The C Family said...

So nice to hear that the kids are doing well. We often think about attachment issues as the girls we want to adopt will turn four in November and we really have no idea if and when we will be able to bring them home. So much is in the hands of God.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates. Most of it sounds just like my house. From Parker at that age where he wants to be doing what the big kids do and throws a fit when he can't to brothers picking on sister! It's hard here (with one of my children especially) to get them to understand the "why" of obedience. Hope to see you guys soon!