Thursday, May 26, 2011

My heart is breaking...

Chad has 3 more days left with our children. Then, he will have to tell them good-bye for now and come home. I've listened and watched our little girl with him. She is in love with him. The way they talk and's like they've always been together. It's so sweet and amazing. But my heart is breaking. She has a daddy for the first time in her life and he's going to leave her....hoping that she can trust and believe that we'll be back to get her. She already doesn't even want to think about it. It just seems too much for little children to bear. I know it is! She's already been through so much.

Through this, I also know, that God is sovereign, her defender, her comforter, and her FATHER. I'm praying that God helps us all to know this deep in our hearts as we cling to Him. Also, that he would help C to know this and to know Him deeply.

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