Sunday, May 22, 2011

My beautiful daughter!

I wish that I could share pictures on here right now! Chad doesn't have a way to send me pics and video, so I'll have to wait until he gets home.

Just wanted to update on how it's going. After 4 CRAZY days in airports, Chad finally made it to Africa. It was insane and pretty disappointing, but, we know that God is in control. There must have been a reason and we tried to seek God about what we needed to learn from this. That's not to say that I wasn't an emotional basketcase...but, it was definitely a growing experience.

Chad's having an awesome time. Miss C is already in love with her daddy. She gets jealous of the other kids when they go to the orphanage. She doesn't want him having anything to do with the other kids.

I do believe that Chad is smitten as well. Ever since we first started getting pictures of her, she would look so different in the pictures depending on the angle the picture was taken from. Sometimes we weren't even sure if it was her. Well, this morning (3am here), this was what Chad said....."You know how she looks so different in different pictures? Well...she has this beautiful look about her that I've never seen in any of the pictures. She's just beautiful."

Chad asked her if she could count to 8 and then helped her count. He told her that's how many days he would be there and then he would have to leave and then mommy would come bring her home. She said, "you can't leave!". He tried to explain further...she said..."but you're my daddy!". I know it's going to be so heart wrenching for both of them. Please pray for her precious little heart to be able to bare this!

We got to video chat with them this morning. There wasn't much talking because there was a huge delay, but, it was precious watching her rub Chad's head and jump up and down on his lap, listen to her giggle as she was tickled, etc. I asked, "whose daddy is that?". She yelled, "ME!".

Baby brother is almost walking. I think it would be so cool if Chad could be there for his first steps!

I cannot wait to meet my precious children!!!!

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The Last Crusade said...

So sweet! Hope you get them home soon!