Friday, May 27, 2011


Jemima is my favorite of our 5 ducks. She's a beautiful silver/gray color. She can't quack....she tries, but all that that comes out is a pathetic squeak. This morning, all of the ducks came up to the kitchen window as usual. Well, Jemima wasn't with them. I immediately assumed she must have been killed by a dog like our other duck. These ducks never separate! They always stay right together. They stayed at the window for a minute and then went to the pond which I thought was weird because after a dog has been around they usually stay on the porch for a couple of days. Well, they came back and then went to the pond again and again. Finally, I knew something was up and looked out at the pond. Sure enough, I saw Jemima swimming in circles in the pond and shaking her head around. I ran down there and had to fish her out. She had a huge fishing lure caught on the underside of her beak and then the other end was under her wing. She had also cut up her feet pretty bad trying to get it out. SHe was pitiful. Our wonderful neighbors came down and clipped the ends off of the hooks so we could get it out. She seems to be ok and the others were all worn out. They all went to sleep as soon as we sat her on the ground!

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