Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He's on his way!

Well, I had intended to take a picture of Chad walking to his gate, looking back at us, waving good-bye, etc. It was gonna be so sweet. Well, things didn't exactly go as planned...and that's ok. We got to the airport, all psyched up, only to find out that his flight from Knoxville was cancelled. He would have to come back the next day and his trip would now take 24 hours. We were disappointed, because his time in Africa would be cut a couple of days short. So, the airline let us change the day he comes back and he will now be in Africa for 10 days! I was so happy for him, but, freaking out for us! He's never been gone for this long...close to 2 weeks. So...we get to the airport today to find out that his flight was delayed, which may cause him to miss his flight in Frankfurt! All I know right now is that he got out of Knoxville. We were so tired , hungry and stressed that we said our good byes at the front of the airport without any pictures. I'm hoping he'll be able to email and let me know where he ends up! It's a strange feeling to have him so far away. It's also so strange to have 2 children whom I love so much, but I've never met, so far away! I've had a roller coaster of emotions lately! Another thing I cry about often (not sure why) is a name change.

We've decided what we're going to name our little boy. It's after a beautiful adoption story in the Bible. We were looking up adoption stories in the Bible with the boys one night. As soon as Chad turned to this one, we looked at each other and just knew that was going to be his name. In the weeks afterward, I kind of went back and forth. But, one day in the car, tears started to stream down my face and I realized that their story was so similar. This man had a mother that loved him so much that she let him go in order to save his life. He also had an older sister that went with him to help take care of him. We've been calling him by that name for several days and it's so sweet.

We're hoping that Chad will be able to ichat with us and the kids once he is there. It will be so exciting to "meet" them finally! I can't wait to be able to share more details of his trip and more information about our kids!

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