Friday, May 13, 2011

Mars or Bust!

Luke has been talking about wanting a jet pack for probably 6 months. It's so cute. He says that when he gets a jet pack he's going to fly straight up and then turn it off so he can land on the clouds. Then he will bounce on them. He'll just randomly say (with a sad look on his face), "I wish I had a jet pack". Or..."for my next birthday I want a jet pack". It's so cute. He is so full of imagination that it blows my mind. He seriously never stops. Every stick turns into a gun, every automatic door opens once he ninja kicks it, the shampoo and washcloth turn into some kind of battle that makes his showers take WAY too long. I love it! He's never bored. Well, I got the idea that we could make him a jet pack out of oatmeal boxes. He was so excited! But...he can't reach the on/off buttons, and apparently that's a HUGE problem. So we still have some tweaking to do. Once we get it finished, he says he's going to go to Mars.


Annette said...

What he needs is a remote starter. That would solve the problem! LOL

TheBowlingFamily said...

That's actually an awesome idea! Thanks! lol :o)