Sunday, January 2, 2011


Luke always has us laughing. He's such a funny little guy. Lately, he's been saying "big ol'", "fella", "right", and "like" a WHOLE lot! I didn't, however, expect to get this note. We've got the sweetest people at our church and Luke's teachers are some of the sweetest! Miss Emilie handed me this note this morning when I picked him up.....

I was shocked! I would have been embarrassed, but, they have two little boys themselves and seemed to think it was funny! I had to explain that we rented The Nativity Story to watch before Christmas. When John was born there was a circumcision showed just enough. The boys were horrified and wanted to know what that was all, Chad explained. So....that's where that came from. :o) I have to say that Chad is a great dad. He's so good about explaining things well to them when they have questions. I'm glad they ask a lot of question...but, I'm sure this won't be the last note we get like this.

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