Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Interviews

We had our first interviews tonight for our home study. We were very nervous because the paperwork has been very intense. They need to know lots of details about your life...everything from growing up to the present. I wasn't sure how it would go tonight, but, I was pleasantly surprised! The lady who does the home study is so sweet and laid back. I definitely felt like she was on "our side". She is trying to help us. I'm really not even nervous about her coming to our house next week!

We really need prayer about the financial side of the adoption. I'm learning to keep my eyes on God and realize that HE alone is our provider. This is way beyond us, but, not HIM. We need creativity, His blessing upon our fundraisers, and, most of all...his supernatural provision. We're so astounded by how giving people have been! It's really amazing. We're so thankful.

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