Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I remember when I was in about the 3rd grade and my best friend was moving from Florida to Ohio. It was so emotional and heartbreaking! We used to ride our bike's to each other's houses everyday, we had a fort in the "deep, dark, daring woods", we played with barbies together...we shared so much. Before their family left, we had a big farewell party on the beach. We had charms made with our names on them. The best part was that we sang "Friends are friends forever" by M.W. Smith!

Now, my own kids are experiencing that! Our best friends are moving all the way across the country. We are so sad about it. I've cried at least once everyday since I found out. Tonight, at bed time as we prayed for them...Luke started sobbing, and all he could say was..."The Rodgers!!!!". We've grown so close over the last several years. I just love Emily with all my heart! She is the best mom, teacher and friend I know. I've gleaned so much from her. We've had so many good times together. We loved to go exploring to different towns and we loved to go to the mountains. Our kids had their own island up at Cades Cove where they were pirates and had so much fun. They loved hunting for salamanders together this past summer. There are just so many good memories. It's going to be really tough to say good bye. But, I know that God has opened the doors for them and is leading them. He has so much exciting stuff in store for them! Today the kids came over so Matt and Emily could pack. We put away the school stuff and the kids just played hard. They had so much fun! We had cupcakes for a "mini farewell party". We will miss them so much and will always treasure the time God gave us together!

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Nikki T. said...

Oh how bittersweet... love that you all were able to spend the time together and get these pictures that will last as memories. I am all choked up!