Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adoption Update

We have been so blessed over the past week! A couple that we had never met before, took over the packages for our kids. They also took the money for our kids to go to the doctor. It's been so wonderful seeing the pictures of our little girl. We're glad to know that she has been loved on in our absence. It was great seeing the pictures, but, also makes us long to meet her so much more! Meanwhile, the dreaded stomach bug has been making it's way through our family. The boys have watched more tv than they've watched in their lives and I've taken advantage of the down time to get some of the required reading done for our homestudy. It's a lot of reading to get through, and a lot of it doesn't really apply to our situation, but, it's made me realize that I really need to be praying for God to prepare us and them for this transition. These kids will be dealing with a lot of loss. No matter what the situation they are coming's home to them. We're trusting God that He will comfort and help them through that time and also start preparing them now. I'm also excited because we're about ready to turn our homestudy in!!!! It's such a daunting task and it will feel so good to get it done!

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