Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day of School

No pictures today...but, we are starting school today. Ethan's starting first Grade. Luke's doing some kindergarten stuff...mostly preschool stuff. They're both really am I.

We had a great weekend. Saturday was food pantry at Water Angels and then yesterday was the Sunday service. It's been so neat to watch the boys develop relationships with the kids there. I've also loved getting to know some of the people.

I'm so blessed. I'm blessed by God's grace that is so undeserved, yet given so freely. Sometimes I feel that I can't come before God because of the person that I am...but then I am reminded..."where can I go but to the cross?". I can run to Him. I'm also blessed to be a mama to two precious little guys. The other night at bedtime, Luke was leaning over the top bunk giving me kisses all over my face. Then he sits up and says, "Mom...I love kisses". They just melt my heart sometimes. To think that God loves me more than I can imagine loving my kids....that's what melts away my hard heart.

As we start school today....I'm praying that I instill more in my boys than just good reading or math skills. I pray that God would give me wisdom and that his Spirit would do a work deep in their hearts....that they would learn to love him and stand in awe of Him through what we learn. And that they would learn to serve others and know what's really important in this life.

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Jessica said...

you are such a good momma! love reading what you all are doing!