Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Failed Science Projects, Dead Tadpoles, and Lots of Sludge

Over the past couple of weeks we've been having a lot 0f fun. We're excited about school...especially history and science. We get most of our basic stuff done in the morning and then spend the rest of the time doing science or history projects. Not all of our projects have gone smoothly. We made this "sun viewer"...all we saw was a small spot of light that was coming through the pinhole. Not sure where we went wrong.

Sometimes the boys will just paint or draw a picture of something they've learned about. Luke likes experimenting with the different colors. :o)

Ethan likes making "potions" in his water cup.

I found this cool little thing in the dollar section at Target. Luke used it to put numbers in order. I need to find some other cool things to do with it.

We've been learning about nomads in history. Ethan made "cave drawings" like they would have done. He had a lot of fun with this and came up with some cool stuff. These are pictures of the men harvesting wheat.

Today we got to do one of our favorite things. We met the Rodgers at Springbrook Park. The kids only played on the playground for a few minutes and then spent the rest of the time at the creek. We actually saw a little beaver. It was so cute. He checked us out and then turned around and went back in the drain under the road. The boys caught a bunch of minnows and stuff. I think my boys killed a few. :( They don't do well when petted and squeezed and then dropped on the concrete. It's funny because Emily was a tomboy growing up and I was pretty much the opposite. But...I know boys....so I try not to show that I'm totally grossed out by stuff so they don't start throwing it at me and chasing me with it. :o) Emily on the other hand...catches stuff for them and will hold anything. I admire her for that!

They thought they found eggs but they were some kind of fruit from a nearby tree.

My boys have never gotten in the little pond by the fountain until today. My friends little boy went right in without even thinking about it! So...Ethan did too. DISGUSTING! It's all sludge and frogs and nastiness!

I'm so blessed to be able to homeschool. Even though most of the time I feel inadequate and a little overwhelmed...I know that this is what God has called me to and he is so faithful! I love my little guys so much.


Brandi M said...

Stephanie, I love that I have had the chance to meet you and see all the coolness about you. I know you're just our photographer, but I really value the things that you are passionate about, and I love to see the kind of mom that you are. So funny that you say you feel overwhelmed and inadequate because that's how I feel just reading your posts...until you say exactly that--I love your honesty and humility and think you are pretty much supermom and as a mom of two boys, someone I admire very much!

TheBowlingFamily said...

Thanks Brandi! You're so sweet. :o)