Friday, August 13, 2010


While Ethan was working on some schoolwork yesterday...I caught Luke in my room. He was jumping on my bed from one end to the other, flapping his arms as fast as he could. He was grunting and it his all. I snuck in and caught some pictures. Then he told me he wished he could fly. He said he kept jumping and flapping his wings but he just kept falling. Then he laid on the bed and let me take a few sweet pics. He's such a sweet little boy. The other day, I was folding laundry (laundry room is in bathroom) and he brought all of his cars and had them lined up on the back of the toilet (I know...yuck). As I walked out to put some clothes away he grabbed up his cars and ran after me and then put them all on the floor next to where I was. Then I went to walk out of the room and he sighed and said, "mama...can ya not leave me again?". He just loves to cuddle and be with us. Love him!

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